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Diabetes Education Classes

Do you have diabetes or care for someone who does? Health and Wellness is excited to offer the City of Mesa employees and family members diabetes education classes. This 5-class program is taught by a Certified Diabetes Educator. It provides individuals with the skills and knowledge to successfully manage all types of diabetes. They can also help with pre-diabetes (insulin resistance), prevention, and the potential progression to type 2 diabetes.


Class Objectives:
Overview of Diabetes/How blood sugar & insulin work
Importance of blood sugar control
Appropriate blood sugar ranges/goals
Myths associated with diabetes
Managing your blood sugar through food/carbohydrate counting
How exercise, stress, & illness impact your diabetes
Learn how to develop and monitor an aerobic exercise program
Tips for exercising safely with diabetes

Employees click here to go to The Learning Center to register.. Registration opens 2 months prior to the start of the session so please continue to check back if nothing is currently posted.

Benefited spouses and committed partners can register by logging into the Mesa Wellness 360 platform and click on the “Mesa Well Being Classes” card on the home page.

To find out more information email or call (480) 644-5732.