Eat Well, Live Well-Nutrition Classes

Spring is the perfect time of year to look at your habits and make some positive changes for a fresh start. This free three class series will teach you valuable lessons about nutrition, physical activity, meal planning, grocery shopping and more!
Nutrition Classes
Time:  12:00-1:00pm

Mar 8 – Nutrition 101: Nutrition Concepts & Metabolism
• Overview of the basic food groups and USDA’s MyPlate
• Understanding carbs, proteins and fats
• Importance of hydration
• Metabolism and goal setting
Where: MCP 650 South Training Room, 20 E Main Street

Apr 12 – Nutrition 201: Label Reading & Meal Planning
• Reading food labels and understanding marketing terms
• Healthy meal planning
• Nutrition overview for chronic conditions
• Weight management
Where: 300 6th Street, Transportation Building Conf Room 

May 10 – Nutrition 301: Fast-Paced Nutrition, Dietary Supplements & Hydration
• Eating “On the Go”
• Dietary Supplements: Should I be taking them?
• Dangers of Energy Drinks
• Hydration & Heat Stress
Where: 300 6th Street, Transportation Building Conf Room 
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