Healthy Arizona Worksite

City of Mesa 2018 Platinum Level Award


The City of Mesa received the Platinum Level Award from the Healthy Arizona Worksite Program (HAWP).  HAWP (the acronym is pronounced “hop”) recognizes employers for their efforts to support employee health and wellness. 

A Platinum Level Award is awarded to businesses making an impact both within and beyond their walls addressing one or more of the many health challenges impacting communities across the state. Platinum level awardees have demonstrated data driven programming and are leveraging cross-sector collaborations or partnerships improving the health, well-being, and equity of their community.  The City of Mesa nominated the Aspire Academy project provided by the Mesa Fire and Medical and Police Departments. 

Award History 

City of Mesa has earned the following awards for their Wellness Program:

  • 2018: HAWP Platinum Level Award
  • 2017: ComPsych Silver Health at Work Award
  • 2017: HAWP Platinum Level Award 
  • 2016: ComPsych Silver Health at Work Award
  • 2016: HAWP Gold Level Award
  • 2015: HAWP Copper Level Award

City of Mesa achieves GOLD! Read more about this story here: