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Healthy Meetings Handbook

The Healthy Meetings Handbook supports the organizational effort to build a culture of health and create an environment in which opportunities to eat healthy and be physically active are readily accessible to all employees.

How to Use this Handbook
City of Mesa is dedicated to providing a supportive environment for employees, their families and the community to improve their health and well-being.

This Healthy Meetings Handbook is a tool for meeting and event planning. This Handbook represents a step towards our organization’s commitment to wellness by ensuring employees and their families have access to healthy food and beverages throughout the organization. Information on fitting in breaks and activities into the workday are also included in this handbook.

This guide was developed by the City of Mesa Wellness Program.
By following this guide, you can promote health and reduce risk for chronic diseases in our organization!

Download the Handbook today from the Mesa Wellness 360 Sharepoint site.