Mesa Wellness 360 Spotlight: Bradley Carter

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This past spring, Bradley Carter’s life at the City of Mesa changed when he saw a “Beat the Boss” certificate on his supervisor Ashley Keen’s desk.  Bradley, Theater Technical Coordinator at the Mesa Arts Center, was meeting with his supervisor and inquired about the special recognition she had recently received.  Ashley shared that she had “beaten” the City Manager Chris Brady in a physical activity challenge earlier this year with the Mesa Wellness 360 program. 

After learning of this health challenge and the Mesa Wellness 360 Program (MW360), Bradley decided to sign up and see what MW360 was all about.  After looking through the MW360 portal, Bradley became intrigued with the Activity Leaderboards, stating “I got a little mad after seeing all these people with steps. I was so mad, I went and bought a FitBit that evening and began counting my steps too.” Bradley quickly logged his steps and worked his way to the top within a day, reaching over 36,000 steps after walking in Costco for several hours one day.

After getting jumpstarted on physical activity, Bradley explored the Mesa Wellness 360 Program more and found it had many tools he could use to improve his health. With the help of trackers, daily challenges, and health coaching, Bradley learned that “being healthy” was not about “being skinny.” Bradley learned that health is holistic with multiple aspects, such as regular physical activity, eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, getting regular sleep and managing stress.  “My health coach helped to break down how I viewed health and having the trackers allowed me to see my progress and keep me motivated,” stated Bradley.  “My health coach also explained to me that my sessions with her were time to solely focus on my fitness and health and not be distracted by other life events.”

Since participating in the Mesa Wellness 360 Program, Bradley has lost 25 pounds and attributes that to his new healthy habits.  He has increased his daily steps from 7,500 to 12,000 per day, has begun to regularly pack his lunches for work and eats out less since March.  These small changes have led to his weight loss and overall, just feeling better with improved energy and outlook on life.  In addition, Bradley’s wife has been supportive and made some of the same changes, such as packing daily lunches, cooking more at home and skipping the fast food. 

When asked what he enjoys about Mesa Wellness 360, Bradley shares, “You can take what you want from the program.  You don’t have to use the whole thing, it has something for everyone.” 

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