Mesa Wellness 360 Spotlight: Sharon Skinner

2018 has been a year of learning and health progress for the City’s Grants Coordinator Sharon Skinner. Over the past six months, Sharon has discovered a whole new way to good health in large part to the Mesa Wellness 360 Program.  

After years of struggling to keep her glucose and cholesterol numbers “in check,” Sharon was searching for anything to help her achieve optimal health. Sharon had spent years “fighting” for good numbers by changing her diet and exercise, but nothing worked.  

With the launch of Mesa Wellness 360 in December 2017, Sharon noticed that the program offered telephonic/digital health coaching and decided to give it a chance.  She began meeting with Coach Katy via Mesa Wellness 360 Portal regularly and set clear achievable goals for her health.  Sharon states that health coaching “provided me with a new awareness for my health that I didn’t have before.”

Specifically, Sharon did not realize how sedentary she was.  Like many of us, Sharon works in an office setting and found herself sitting down most hours of the day.  Coach Katy worked with her to intentionally be more active at work, where she had not been in the past. Sharon worked with Coach Katy to set challenging step goals to track with her fitness device and Mesa Wellness 360 tracker online.  Coach Katy monitored Sharon’s activity weekly and provided Sharon with more ways to be active during the workday and at home. 

Also, Coach Katy encouraged Sharon to meet with a nutritionist/registered dietitian to address more specific nutrition questions and concerns she had.  Sharon began to meet with a nutritionist and found the right balance of healthy eating and physical activity to improve her health.  After five months of participating in Mesa Wellness 360 and working on her health goals, Sharon decreased her body fat by 3.2%, lost 13 pounds, dropped 2 clothing sizes and decreased her total cholesterol by 51 points, eliminating her need for recommended statins by her physician.

“I was flailing on my own, and now, having all these tools (Mesa Wellness 360) has been helpful,” says Sharon. Sharon specifically enjoyed using the visual activity trackers and contests to keep engaged in her health.  She also shared that her family is also getting healthier with Sharon’s new lifestyle.  “I wouldn’t have gotten here without the wellness program!”  

Download Sharon's story here. 

To learn more about the Mesa Wellness 360 Program – Health Coaching, visit and go to the “My Health” section.