The Striding Dead Challenge

The Striding Dead Challenge

The Zombies… are coming! Are you ready for the zombie Walkpocalypse? Join City of Mesa in a race for survival as The Striding Dead stumbles into action. This is going to be an exciting competition based on STEPS. See who can outlast the zombies and stay alive by the time Halloween rolls around!  Our leading Zombies to kick off this challenge come from the City Manager’s Office, John Pombier and Jill Kotsur!

Do you have what it takes to make it to the end, or are brains on the menu tonight?

How it works:

You will be competing as a TEAM, but with a twist! 

  • At the start of the contest, John Pombier and Jill Kotsur are the chosen ZOMBIES, and the rest of the contestants will be placed on the SURVIVORS team.
  • For the first week of the contest, your goal will be to get higher average daily steps than the average of our chosen Zombies.  If you do, you will survive week one!  If you don’t, you’ve been claimed by the Zombies, and you will be placed on the ZOMBIE team for the remainder of the contest.
  • For the second week, SURVIVORS will work to get higher daily average steps than the ZOMBIES.  If you are a survivor that doesn’t BEAT the ZOMBIE team’s average steps, you will again be claimed by the ZOMBIES and become one at the start of the next week!
  • The contest will continue for THREE weeks, and it’s your goal to stay a survivor throughout the entire contest!  If you get claimed by the zombie team, join forces with the rest of the zombies to claim as many survivors as you can!

Contest Dates: Wednesday, October 3rd – Wednesday, October 24th 

  • Signups: Wednesday, September 26th – Friday, October 5th 
  • Results Posted: October 31st 

How to sign up:

  • Log into your account at and click on the “Contests” tab to sign up.
  • You will be placed on the SURVIVORS team competing against the City Manager’s Office Zombies John Pombier and Jill Kotsur!
  • Motivate, inspire, and help your coworkers all the way to the finish.  Above all, be safe and have fun (and try not to bite each other)!

What’s at stake:

  • All contest participants will earn credit on their Rewards page toward completing City of Mesa’s Quarterly Wellness Challenges! Completing Two Citywide challenges earns 100 Wellness Points!
  • All Survivors will earn 50 Wellness Points each. 
  • The top 10 surviving striders and the original Zombies will earn 150 Wellness Points!

What are you waiting for? Get out there and get Boomin’, or the Zombies might get you first!

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