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What is the Mesa Wellness 360 Program?
The Mesa Wellness 360 Program is a voluntary program for City employees to improve their health and well-being. This program combines lifestyle management with fun and creative ways to be healthy. The program is provided in partnership with a company called Sonic Boom Wellness.

Who Can Participate?
Employees eligible for the program must be enrolled in one of the City of Mesa’s medical plans (Basic Choice, Choice or Copay Choice). Spouses, dependents and retirees are not eligible for Mesa Wellness 360 at this time.

Activities and Events
Challenges and competitions
Classes and Education Programs
Fairs and on-site screenings
Health Assessments & Coaching

Get Started
Join the Mesa Wellness 360 website today! Register at
Take action and complete qualified wellness activities, programs, classes and coaching with Mesa Wellness 360!
Record your activity and earn Points to receive up to $400 in financial incentives! To learn more, visit the Rewards section at

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